• Looking for a wedding venue, look no further than the Red Barn in Twin Bridges
  • Cool off in summer at the Ruby Valley Swimming Pool up the road from the motel.
  • Ringing Rocks: This unique geological formation is located approximately 18 miles east of Butte and north of I-90. The rocks in this unique geologic area chime when tapped with a hammer.
  • Vigilante Carriages: Based in Virginia City, they offer horseback riding the cowboy way, authentic stagecoach rides through Alder Gulch, cowboy dinners  as well as wedding venue.
  • Elkhorn Hot Springs is located 80 miles from the motel but well worth the drive and then soak in the Hot Springs that have been used over 100 years.  Call 800-772-8978 to confirm if the springs are open.
  • Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park: one of the most highly decorated limestone caverns in North America. (406) 287-3541
  • Yellowstone National Park: Established in 1872, this was the 1st National Park in USA.. Marvel at a volcano’s hidden power rising in colorful hot springs, mudspots & geysers. Explore canyons, forests and lakes to watch wildlife and witness the drama the natural world unfolds. Discover the history that led to the conservation of our national treasures “for the benefit and enjoyment of people”

Ghost Towns

  • Alder Gulch: 12 miles from the motel, Gold was discovered here in 1863 and it was the largest gold strike in US history.
  • Bannack State Park: Located 63 miles from the motel, this historic deserted town is host town most of the year. Founded in 1862 and named after the local Bannock natives, Bannack was the site of a major gold discovery in 1862, and served as the capital of Montana Territory briefly in 1864, until the capital was moved to Virginia City.  Bannack continued as a mining town, though with a dwindling population and the drop in gold price, the last residents left in the 1970s. Every year, during the third weekend of July, this abandoned town witnesses a historical reconstitution known as “Bannack Days”. For two days, Bannack State Park officials organize an event that attempts to revive the times when Bannack was a boom town, re-enacting the day-to-day lives of the miners who lived there during the gold rush.
  • Coolidge: Located 91 miles from the motel, this ghost town south of Butte, it was created by a politician and the site of Montana’s largest and final silver development. Empty of people today, & most of its building tumbling to the ground, it was once a beehive of activity from 1872 – 1923 when it was placed into receivership. The wise River Dam failed in 1927, washing out 12 miles and several bridges of railroad. People tried to mine the sites from 1930’s-1980’s.

Golf Courses

The Ruby Valley area also provides outstanding photography, fishing & big and small game hunting, cross-country skiing, camping, boating, hiking and snowmobiling.