The Moriah Motel is centrally located near several of the world’s best trout fisheries. During your stay at the motel, and depending on current conditions, you may have the opportunity to fish them.



  • Ruby River – We have 51.86 miles of public water on this river, said by many to be the finest small water trout fishery in the state. Up stream, you’ll find the “tail water” of the reservoir which runs through many ranches. Because of the smaller river channel, the fishing here can be challenging, but very satisfying for more advanced anglers. On both sections above and below the reservoir there are good of pale morning duns in June and July, terrific caddis hatches and hopper fishing throughout summer, and blue wing olive hatches in the fall.
  • Big Hole River – If you dreamed of a trout river, it might look like the Big Hole. Towering cliffs in place, quiet meadow stretches, wildlife and lots of feisty trout. Probably the most exciting dry fly fishing for trout anywhere is found on this river in June, with the emergence of the giant stonefly (salmon fly). This is a great time to fish this river, but the dry fishing can continue into the summer with caddis, tricos, and hoppers. Streamer fishing in both the spring and fall can be excellent as well.
  • Beaverhead River – The Beaverhead is the best trophy trout river in the region – and possibly beyond. It’s surprisingly small, but deep, fast and full of big fish. Small nymphs always work well on this river, catching amazing big fish for such small food. June & July can provide good dry fly fishing with caddis, yellow sallies, and pale morning dims, as well as the famous crane fly during early August mornings. The streamer fishing in the fall can be superb.
  • Jefferson River – During the spring and fall, this unheralded river can produce some wonderful fishing, not to mention solitude, wildlife, and beauty. The streamer fishing can be red hot, and there is even dry fly fishing at certain times of the year.  It may not get much press, but we know when to fish the Jefferson and we know the size of the browns that lurk below its surface.

Let the Moriah Motel make your fishing accommodations pleasant. A warm, comfortable, and quiet night’s stay is great way to begin the next day’s fishing.